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Wolf-e-Wolf Rising Above!

by | Apr 2, 2020 | Blog, Gravatron Thursdays | 0 comments

Yoooo! Welcome to the 4th edition of Gravatron Thursdays back with your boy Gravage once again! this week i am featuring an artist that is literally about to blow up! Wolf-e-Wolf, also known as Nick Wolfe, is a bass-music producer from Austin Texas. Suitable for the dancefloor and beyond, his tracks emit electrifying energy that revamp classic bass music themes with the wizardry of modern productions. With releases on 19K, Wakaan, Gravitas Recordings and Sleeveless Records, his tracks have received support from the likes of Liquid Stranger, Dirt Monkey, Jantsen, and Bassnectar. Expect big releases from this dude. Linked below is a mix he made for Beat Lab Radio about a month ago featuring unreleased tracks from himself and a dope blend of released and unreleased tracks from others included.

This mix is super slick and is one of my favourite producers right now. ive been following this dude for a couple years and seeing his sound evolve into what it is and moving forward is absolutely incredible and inspiring. Wolf-e-Wolf came out with his LP “Sine Language” on Dirt Monkey’s new label “19k” back in august of 2019 and it is some of the best bass music ive ever heard that gives you that old school Bassnectar type of feel. Except he has done arguably a better sound design job for my taste. Linked below is his album Sine Language. Each track form the intro to the outro of this is monstrous and you should be excited to listen to this! Also linked below Sine Language is his latest release called “Attack” featuring “Cyber G” out now on Dirt Monkey’s label 19K!

Thank you for tuning in for Gravatron Thursdays. Make sure to give Wolf-e-Wolf a follow and show some support for this dude! see you next Thursday!


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