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by | Apr 10, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

Welcome to the 5th edition to Gravatron Thursdays with your boy Gravage as always, Today we are featuring a good homie of mine thats been straight up killing it lately in our bc scene and that dude is Ryan Ryder under the alias “Widow”. i recently got to play a show with this guy at the Circus Of Bass launch party that i was involved in and his sounds are just DEEP……DARK…….AND fucking EVIL! and i know hes got some heat for us in some forthcoming releases for 2020 that all of you should be fucking stoked about! Linked below is a mix of his that describes that deep deep known as WIDOW for ya earholes. ENJOY!

Be sure to keep an eye for WIDOW for 2020. he recently uploaded a forthcoming clip that is just an entity of its own and that is “Left Hand Path”

im stoked to see what this guy has ins tore for us man. big ups and respect to this guy, please go give him a follow and check out his music as its SICK! Thanks for tuning into a short but very relevant episode with your boy Gravage. until next thursday yo! linked below is one more deeeeeeep tune from this creature.


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