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Weekly Invasion Report #3 FT Louie Van Wolf Guest Mix

by | Apr 4, 2020 | Blog, Weekly Invasion Report | 0 comments

Hope everyone is enjoying the apocalypse. I know we certainly are. Welcome to the 3rd addition of your weekly invasion report where we talk about all things bass invaders and present a guest mix. This weeks guest mix is a 100% originally produced set by South Africa’s:

Louie Van Wolf

(Conya Records, Domozero Records, Dyddy Records, Traktoria Records, Korner Gruve records, 3kings Recordings, 03third,)
Youtube: >> Soundcloud: >> SPOTIFY:>> MIXCLOUD: >> INSTAGRAM: >> Facebook:

BIO: Luyanda Mtolo also known by his music alias Louie Van Wolf is an music producer from a small town just off of the east coast of South Africa called Pietermaritzburg, he’s an artist as well and is very versatile in the way in which he makes his craft. He says he’s inspired by his day-to-day experiences and the people he gets to meet. The producers style of music and genre can not be categorized into one thing. He is very diverse in the way he creates beats. Louie started off making dance music but as the years went by he began to explore different avenues of music genres such as Hip-Hop and RnB just to name a few. His style of music is limitless hence why he has the ability to gel with every artist, singer and musician in general. Louie describes himself as an introvert who is an all rounded artist who is able to write and compose his own music.

Now the mix he gave us here is an absolutely stunning showcase of his productions. Ranging from chill to synthpop and hiphop. The versatility in this mix is incredible. He starts it off with “Calling” a mysterious kind of chillwave inspired track that sparks your imagination and from then your off to the races. It slowly builds adding more sounds and it almost feels as tho the setting changes from the night sky, to the beach, to the park, and beyond, but the imaginative thoughtful and mysterious mood stays. I’m very sure you’ll enjoy this. He’s also given us access to his latest release “Voices.” download link here which will be available on all streaming platforms soon.

01 Louie Van Wolf – Calling
02 Louie Van Wolf, T Christian – Lean On Me
03 Louie Van Wolf, T Christian – Crazy
04 Louie Van Wolf – So Sold
05 Louie Van Wolf – Time Don’t Wait
06 Louie Van Wolf – Back To Here
07 Louie Van Wolf, Xwaeno Lennon – Hate Me
08 Louie Van Wolf – Fears

The Month of MARCH

So our first full month of posts is complete and we have great statistics to report about our progress so far.


Our facebook almost doubled from 204 likes to 374 likes.

We had an average reach of 935 people per day! Thats almost 1000 people we reached each day on the platform.

We had an average engagement of 30 people a day for a total of 930 total engagements.

Our most popular post was a share of our post DO NOT MISS THIS INSANE DUBSTEP DUO “STEEZ” which reached 3.8K people and got 88 engagements.


Our second full month as a website saw growth all across the board as well.

We went from 0 purchases last month to getting our first 12 purchases this month!

Our website had 778 unique visitors, and a total of 2,250 visits total.

This traffic was global in reach check out the top 5 foreign countries our traffic came from here:

Our forum reached 50 posts and we added a Forum community manager to help foster and build a community there slowly.


This month we will bring our store to 300 total items. Our organic facebook growth is starting to peek a little bit. We are now going to switch to a paid strategy and start running targeted adds on the platform. We will also work on build our instagram. We are looking to acquire a couple popular instagram pages in our niche and start building from there. We will also still be working to build our streaming brand and building up.

Quarantine music festival Bass Invaders Take-over APRIL 10th

Save the date! The full bass invaders crew will be streaming from 9pm to 3am pacific at this group:

Thanks everyone thats this weeks addition of the weekly invasion report. Look forward to keeping everyone updated as we go along.


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