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Weekly Invasion report #2 ft Reductio

by | Mar 20, 2020 | Blog, Weekly Invasion Report | 0 comments

Welcome to the invasion report where we talk about all things Bass Invaders and give weekly updates. This week we have a sick mix from our Guest Reductio.



Bio:”Reductio has only been producing electronic music for 9 months, but already his creativity and passion has been picked up on. He began DJing and producing simultaneously in July 2019. He has played in clubs at Cambridge UK as well as university events, aiming to bring a fresh energy to the dance floor and has releases coming out on Roller Blaster Records, Mojoheadz Records and Check In Recordings in March 2020. His musical journey started at the age of 6 when he took up the piano. Urged on by his music teacher he began learning the organ at age 13, and from there he developed a taste for both classical and contemporary music, whether it was composing, listening or performing. Fast forward 6 years and he nows holds an organ scholarship at the University of Cambridge where he also studies classics as his degree. He is excited to see what the world of electronic music will bring in the years to come. “

His first commercial release,Dopamine, is available to buy now on Traxsource.

It’s cray how far Reductio has come in just 9 months. He’s on 3 very strong labels and his tracks are bangers. My favourite by him Lying to me was just released on Check in recordings “Miami Downtown 2020” which you can pick up HERE It’s featured in this mix. Lying to me is a really clean deep and tech house influenced track with a chunky bassline. It has really subtle but strong progressions in very “Ruductio” fashion. We’re very excited to follow Reductio and see what the next couple years brings. For this UK powerhouse.

The last couple weeks!

So lets get into it and talk about the last couple weeks. We’ve been making tons of progress on multiple fronts. We had some of our best posts and freshest content uploaded. Which you can check out below:

Bass Invaders Store

We’ve slowly been adding to our store. We’ve added tons of new Fem options with many more to come. What kind of stuff? Long sleeve crop tops! We love this cyberpunk / 80’s esq feel and they are great additions to your closet. Check some of the best items we’ve added in the last couple weeks.

Reach and social media

We are still attacking facebook primarily.

We went from 287 likes up to 350!

We averaged 35 interactions a day up from 29 the previous period.

We reached an average of 1092 people PER DAY on facebook over the last 14 days. Up from 176 the previous period.

Our top post which was Weekly invasion report #1 reached 3300 people and got 129 interactions!

Now that our organic traffic from friends is dying down we are switching to a more meme focused strategy. Posting memes in groups, and posting on the page. This will get us engagement and the ability to invite people who like our post’s to like our page.

Web Traffic

Our web traffic has been growing very consistently. As you can see below. We’ve been averaging 50 views a day and thursday’s are very popular. Over 200!

We’ve gotten views from all over the world.

Here’s how our pages and post’s have been performing.

This is our last 2 weeks. We’ve averaged over 100 unique visitors.

We’ve more than DOUBLED our web activity from February to March. So far in march we’ve had 647 visitors and 1700 views.

We are making progress

Future Plans

Our next step is live streaming and broadcasting. Our goal is to have a 24-7 broadcast on all platforms.

We will start by consistently putting out 1 podcast in stream format and podcast format on all platforms

Heres how we will get there:

  1. Build our first show Bass Invaders Live.: This will be at 3pm pst every Friday. Streamed on all platforms.
  2. Chop show up into slices for small bitesized packages for share on youtube, instagram, and facebook.
  3. Add 24-7 radio broadcast to our streaming platforms.
  4. Start adding shows to the stream, Example: DJ Residences. Talk Shows, Etc. We want to have a 24-7 live broadcast of shows happening on our platforms.

Thanks everyone. Look forward to updating next week.


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