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Tyler West starts 2020 with Fire

by | Mar 15, 2020 | Blog, Sunday Sermon | 0 comments

Tyler West have been developing his sound on the west coast scene for about a decade! He’s done notable collabs with artists like Ben Fox, and remixes for the likes of Iketa, and Objectiv. In 2019 Tyler released is first full length album “Light and Shadow”. Tyler dropped imo his best track yet “Systopia” on March 11th and in celebration we reached out to him for an interview.

Tyler West – Systopia

This track is absolute FIRE! I would describe Systopia as a deep dubstep track with synthwave and arabic influences. It starts off with a post apocalyptic drum pattern and atmosphere then drops into an absolutely smashing arabic lead pattern over Tylers signature deep and distorted bass line style. The artwork really does the song justice, it sounds like your walking through the streets of a post apocalyptic city. It then breaks into a kind of desperate female vocal which leads us into the second drop where the percussion and bassline take the lead with her guiding us threw slowly going from desperate to more relaxed and maybe even sadistic. Absolutely brilliant track here.

The Interview:

Tell our audience about yourself.

“I’ll spare you where I’m from because that doesn’t matter much. I’ve been creating electronic music for over 10 years. I feel it’s my obligation to do and share what I love doing. I want to set an example of what can be done when you travel a path of heart; not fear.”

What pronouns do you use?

“What’s a pronoun? I didn’t major in english.”

What inspires your music?

“Mostly other music. I’ll hear a song that really excites my imagination and a force kind of takes me over.. I HAVE to write something. I let it do the driving and away we go.”

What daw do you use?

“Ableton is my first and only software love. We’re not married but we’re the couple that everyone knows should be married therefore we basically are.”

Favourite VST?

There are lots of fun ones that come to mind but I’m a practical guy. Trackspacer is the most useful plugin I’ve ever used. Theres at least 3 on my leads/synths and bass busses respectively. One for the kick, one for the snare and one for each bus to each other. (Leads to bass and vice versa)

There is no better tool I’ve found to quickly and effectively carve out exact frequencies for space and clarity over time.

Describe your sound in 2 words.

Too wide

What is your goal this year?

Release my first album on an actual label.

Whats the biggest moment in your career?

Knowing my work was played at the Pagoda stage a couple years ago by Ben Fox.

Tupac or Biggie?

Tupac (sorry biggs). Conscious lyrics for the win.

Skrillex or George Michael?

Skrilly for sure.

How should Corona be held accountable for the corona virus?

What’s the Corona virus?

Who would win in a fight Kylie Jenner or Dax flame?

I think we both know

What if Kylie Jenner had bruce willis as her left leg?

We definitely both know now.

What do we have to look forward to from tyler west this year?

Lots of music that’s too wide.

Anything you want to plug?

My new track systopia is out. Peep:

Diversity and unity through sound.


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