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Twinsparks guests WIR#1

by | Mar 6, 2020 | Blog, Weekly Invasion Report | 0 comments

This is the first of a weekly series documenting all things Bass Invaders for the week in a nice small bite sized package.

Since its the first and we’ve been working on this project for a month, this will be a long post highlighting all the progress we’ve made.

Every week we will also be showcasing 1 guest mix from an exciting artist. This weeks guest mix is done by Croatian house producer and DJ:



Twinsparks is well known in the Croatian, Slovenian, and Italian music scene, and has played in some of the biggest regional clubs like: “Byblos” in Porec, “Garage” in Umag, “Pergola” in Portorose and many more.

He started in 2014 and since than has made huge waves playing with the likes of Chocolate Puma, Matroda, Vanillaz, Julcy M, and with the biggest names in the Balkan Scene. Lately his sites have turned to producing and his youtube channel has been quickly growing with new songs being released each week. His second posted song Tech House banger:Twinsparks – Good Vibrations hitting 11,000 Views in just 2 weeks! He opens this mix with his song uploaded 2 days ago Twinsparks – For you AND ITS SOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD! I’ve never heard a baseline bounce around so fast and dynamic and still sound clean. I would loose my mind if I heard this on a dance floor and I’m pretty sure you would too! Not only that, he’s been kind enough to give us a teaser of his newest unreleased track “Twinsparks – Walking” coming out April 10th in the mix below. This track features his signature sporadic bass style with chopped vocals and a really impressive breakdown mid track. Big things are coming for Twinsparks in the future so make sure to keep plugged in before you miss the wave.

Kk. Now that you have this sick mix playing, lets get into all the work we’ve done. We’ve added 5 new shows to the blog. Including this one!

Invasion Mondays

Every week Jubnar will be taking us threw the newest bass music and help us lead the invasion against the HUMANZ! Looking forward to his first post soon!

It’s Wednesday My Dudes

K1lowatt did his first post this week featuring 5 very important tips for audio production. 5 tips that it took me YEARS to learn personally. These things only come with wisdom so its a really good read especially for new producers. check that one out Here

Gravatron Thursdays

Gravage did his first post THE BEST CANADIAN HALFTIME PRODUCER YOU PROBABLY HAVEN’T HEARD OF YET Exposing us to wonky calgarian halftime producer TOFA This is EXACTLY the type of dubstep style I love. Wonky, groovy. I was literally screaming when I went threw this. Super excited to see what Gravage comes up with next week.

Cyber Saturdays

Every weekend cyberbass leader CrashOveride will be taking us threw whats new in the cyber scene. VERY excited to see what he cooks up for us.

Bass Invaders SHOP

We are cooking up hundreds of products right now for the shop. Currently we are in communication with MANY exciting suppliers and manufacturers. Our goal is to make this your 1 stop shop for all things rave and festival fashion. Our overall goal is to create a Subculture and we are well on our way if we keep this momentum up. Heres a few of the new items we’ve added to the shop this week. We are going to have everything from 5$ glow glasses to $1000+ Costumes and outfits.

Native Collection Featured Mix Search!

We are on a search for a native canadian or american DJ or producer to make us a mix to be featured on the product description of our brand new NATIVE COLLECTION The selected candidate will get exposure, and more. They will get 1$ from every shirt sold in that collection. Please comment with your Soundcloud or artist page below if you wish to be the one! We are URGENTLY looking so will pick one of the first that post.

Bass Invaders Studio

A couple weeks ago we unveiled Bass Invaders Studio Professional Mixes and Masters done by our group of professionals. These masters are quality controlled by Colten Fawcett who has studied Audio Engineering at Centre for Arts and Technology. Mastered with the perfect blend of analog and digital so your tracks sound crisp, clear, and industry standard! Our album master I think has more value adds than any album master I’ve seen on the market. So If you need something mastered. This is the place.

Bass Invaders Creative

This week we introduced Bass Invaders Creative Professional web design and hosting for musicians. Our packages are priced VERY competitively and have more features than I can find on any build yourself artist website or specialist artist web designer. Furthermore you get it built FOR YOU! And after its built its easily edited by you. Get the best of both worlds. Our top package includes digital add campaigns and a personal artist app. If you want to build an artist webpage Bass invaders is the place to be!

Bass Invaders Community

Our primary goal with bass invaders is to create a subculture. Creating a subculture demands building a community. So we introduced bass invaders cult. Which is pretty much a forum where we can discuss all things music, fashion, invaders lore, art, gaming etc. Once we have a community posting here we can all collaboratively build this subculture TOGETHER as one unit. These places are small and quiet now, but give us a year or 2 of consistent effort and this will be a thriving community. Go start the chat today! As we build this together opportunities will come to active members in our community. Heres a preview of the first post in our lore section.

Social Media Reach

Our social campaign has begun. Our first plan of attack is Facebook. Because we can invite Friends and family and use our current audience, its the best social site to target first. We went from 0 followers on facebook to 262 in 2 weeks. Our posts have reached 2,264 people. Pretty good for 2 weeks. We will keep doing what were doing there and try to drive as much organic engagement as possible. Once our bloggers are posting consistently we will then begin a targeted paid add campaign.

Web Traffic

As I’m writing this we’ve had 1517 total page views. We had our best overall day yesterday with 355 views! It looks like our current strategy is working. As we attack social media 1 platform at a time with the intention being to drive traffic to grow our single platform reach on each platform and to drive that reach to the website, we will see this traffic slowly grow. Once we have all social platforms booming. We will then begin a pay per click and SEO strategy with google.

Future Plans

We have a goal right now to have a fully functional DIGITAL, and PHYSICAL record label by June 1st. We will have a vinyl record press, cd printer, label and sleeve printers, and digital distribution networks set up. Once we have physical we can then work on creating distribution networks for our physical music.

We have about 250 items in line to be released on the clothing store.

We also are working on a weekly talk show podcast hosted by Jubnar. We will bring on random guests pretty much anybody and talk shit about culture and other stuff.

And we are slowly building and looking to add members to the team. Want to be part of the team? Apply Here

Thank YOU!

Thanks so much for reading through this. We’ve gained crazy amounts of momentum already so stay tuned in because its only gonna get better.


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