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Top 5 Underground This Week ~ Gravatron Thursday #3

by | Mar 19, 2020 | Blog, Gravatron Thursdays | 0 comments

Number 5 : ROHAAN. This is about as diverse as they come when it comes to artistic output. With different releases on labels with one of them beat Deadbeats! This track “Gums” is a heavy hitting halftime beast. “Gums” surprises with constantly evolving amorphous rhythms and ghostly low-end stabs and movements. Rohaan is a UK Producer and his prolific style and aversion to any one genre has him moving quickly through the electronic world playing shows from Berlin to London to Amsterdam, garnishing him support / nods from the likes of Bleep Bloop, Tsuruda, DJ Craze, Noisia, Herobust, UZ, Nest HQ, run the trap & more. Check out his track “Gums” Below.

Number 4 : ASHEZ This young producer is 23 years old and from New Zealand! i really enjoy and love the fact that young adults are really starting to take a toll in producing some gnarly music out there. and this is most certainly one of them! He is also the founder of a record label called IWI Collective! Below is a ridiculous heavy halftime tune filled with wonky undertones and dub vocals, displaying an excellent marriage of their respective styles and influences. check out “Slurpii” Below.

Number 3 : VISKUS! This producer is on a whole another level with bass music the last little while, with exceptional driving heavy hitting sound design to heavy hitting dubstep, bass music, halftime, you name it. Working under the label “Spicy Bois” i have no doubt in my mind this guy is gonna be making “gravy” wavelengths in the future! Linked below is a his track “Higher” this is in collaboration with Wormhole Music Group Boss man “Secret Recipe”.

Number 2 : IZZI! This guy has recently popped out of no where with his heavy hitting dubs and gnarly sound design. hes starting to release some really dope underground dubs and is a guy your gonna want ot keep an eye out in the future! Linked below is is new EP “Nigredo” and a second track called “True Gangstas”

Number 1!!!! : GHOSTEK! My oh my oh my! This Producer from Russia is on dialed into that sound design and proper flow with all bass music genres especially with deep dubstep! his flow with drum patterns and snares are just crazy, but this guy has also been into uk garage, drum n bass, experimental bass, and halftime. i just spotted this guy a few days ago and im stoked to keep an eye on this producer! linked below is his track “detekt” that was featured on Noisia Radio! half way through the track that amazing drum pattern and flow comes in and its TASTY!

That is my weekly round up of underground artist form across the globe that have blown my mind this past week, Thank you for tuning with me your boy Gravage on Gravatron Thursdays. See you next week!


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