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Melodic…Atmospheric…Melopheric? This West coast melodic atmospheric Producer brings a new vibe to pop/electronic cross, “Montresor” (Brad Rachuk) has shared the stage with some of western Canadas biggest DJs Performing over 500 events. With a Recent Release on Good Vibes Only, Montressor has worked his way to the #5 Spot of the top 5 producers to watch for in 2020.



“Why RAFTYR (raft-er)? “like rafters raise the roof, they are always up in the air and they are strong and supportive.  always liked wood or natural stuff so it all kinda melded together… and oh yeah they also are “high” most of the time”

This insanely percussive deep dubstep/trap producer is someone you don’t wanna miss! he harmonically tunes percussive elements to stand out in the mix creating a wide environment and cynical sound juice.

#3 – HAYVE


INSANE DUBSTEP DUO out of Finland & Israel have recently Smashed to the top of sound feeds with their Recent Releases on ukf, Monstercat, and NCS. Collaborating with artists such as protostar Hayve Aint nothing to mess around with. These genuinely talented individuals are new to the EDM scene but have already solidified their spot as well known artists.

We’re looking forward to future releases!!

#2 – Staysick 


Staysick (Trevor Stasiuk) out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada! Has gained HUGE recognition from major artists in the industry. Due to his incredible FLIPS Storming all platforms, he has gathered over 370 thousand streams as well as support from UZ, Tisoki, Virtual Riot, Barely Alive, MineSweepa, Kompany, G Rex, Adair, Soltan and Gammer. Staysick is paving his way to a top Charting Performer.


COMING IN AT NUMBER 1 – BVSSIC (Xavier Bellaire)! Bvssic an experimental sound engineer from holland whos bass-centric, heavy – dubstep and riddim will shake you to the core! After securing early success with releases on Odio, Black Label and He has Began to Rise as one of the hottest Dubstep Producers for 2020. BVSSIC is extremely talented and Brings the most energy out of any track he’s on. With many Production years under his Belt, He will soon make his way to the top of the industry!  Stereo Madness!

2020 is still fresh and full of ideas! There is an incredible amount of talent around the globe with their own unique interests, It is super cool to be a part of such a wide industry that’s growing vastly by the day. Next week tune in as we will be diving into an artist feature from a very special guest until then this is CrashOveride signing off.













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