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This Vancouver Bass House Duo hits harder than “The Rona.”

by | Apr 5, 2020 | Blog, Sunday Sermon | 0 comments

I’m always impressed with how house producers continuously re-invent the genre. These guys are doing that. They’ve basically taken bass heavy house and found a way to make it hit harder and faster than anyone else in the game. They have developed a unique style which combines old school and new school sounds in a different package than you’ve heard before. Something only true veterans of the game can do. Let me present to you:

Gold Bullets


BIO: When regular ammunition just won’t do, you need Gold Bullets in your arsenal. This Canadian duo is blowing up the scene with their signature style of rapid-fire Bass House. The pair have steadily been adding to their discography with releases signed to labels like Aural Sex, Diverge, Electric Love, and 3000 Bass, not to mention bootlegs and remixes for the likes of Jantsen, Nero, and Shock-Rock legend Rob Zombie. It’s one thing to attempt to put into words what you’re in for as a listener, but see this explosive duo live and you’ll understand why these cats are of a caliber you don’t wanna funk with.

Gold Bullets – Space Drugs

Apart from having a legendary name, this track hits very hard. It starts with a dark riff and then builds apon that riff with various crazy bass sounds sporadically but in a way that keeps the groove of the track. Many bass house tracks that attempt to do this are either to sporadic and loose the plot, or are to predictable. This track hits just right.

Zeds Dead – Demons (Gold Bullets Remix)

I’m sure lots of you guys have heard demons before. This is not even in the same realm. They basically took demons and made it absolutely crazy. It starts on a 4/4 beat that switches up and drops into breakbeat, and it hits so hard when it does it really makes you wonder why breakbeat isn’t more popular right now. It then teases a dubstep style beat and then hits hard back into 4/4. REALLY fun track. The beat switch ups makes this remix one of those tracks that would absolutely smash a dance floor. Keeping with the same theme of sporadic but not to much.

Rob Zombie – Dragula (Gold Bullets x Tig3r Hood$ Remix)

Now this is what I mean they present in a different package. You want to absolutely blow a dance floor up? Drop a Dragula remix. This is kind of more funky than there others. (is that possible to say about a rob zombie remix?) It’s just a fun track and deserves a huge mention.

Live Show

What really sets Golden Bullets apart is there live show is incredible. They are both master DJ’s and together they take it to a whole new level. I haven’t seen them live together, but I’ve heard absolutely amazing things. I’ve also had the pleasure of playing next to Brukout – one half of the duo and I can tell you 100% he’s the real deal when it comes to hyping a crowd. You can book them by reaching out here: – Don’t believe me? Here’s some videos I found of previous shows they’ve played.


Tell our audience about yourself.

We go by GOLD BULLETS. Met back in 2016 djing. Brukout was in decibel empire at that time. Neal did a track with decibel empire sparking a new collaboration between him and Lucas creating GOLD BULLETS. Neal got into music first by sampling hiphop records mainly instrumentals. Lucas started with raves back in the late 90’s learning to dj dnb & breaks in early 2000’s.

What inspires your music?

Other artists and marijuana.

What daw do you use?


Whats your favourite VST?

Serum / massive

Describe your sound in 2 words.


What are your goals this year?

Live threw the pandemic

Whats the biggest moment in your career?

Releasing our tracks on some of our favourite labels.

Favourite song you would never play infront of others.

Anything Bob Marley 

Craziest thing you’ve ever seen, or that as ever happened wile you were playing live?

1000’s of people all vibing together at the same time.

Biggie or tupac?

How can you choose.

Skrillex or George Michael?


How should Corona be held accountable for the corona virus

Free coronas for everyone.

Craziest conspiracy you think is true.

911 was an inside job

What do you think will be the “sound” of the 2020’s?

I think its gonna skip 2020.

What do we have to look forward to from Gold Bullets this year? 

We have a release (WTF) coming out on Sheppard Records in mid April ft. Remixes from Prayer Hands / Nada Deva / Landon Terrace

We are working on finishing the dated remix pack for release this year.

Also many new originals collabs, and remixes coming soon in the summer and fall.


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