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Some artists do random so good

by | Mar 9, 2020 | Blog, Sunday Sermon | 0 comments

I LOVE random tracks. Nothing gets me more excited than when artists (especially tech house artists.) Use completely random sequences. SO I thought its a good time to showcase some of my FAVOURITE random as fuck tracks.

Marco Stous

This first track comes from the king of random himself. Marco Stous remix of Mi Gente. This song reaches maximum random. The song starts with a Spanish speaker talking to a crowed, and then Marco does whatever he can to randomize the vocal. The lead is pretty much the vocal wonking out slowly in such a way that made me laugh so hard the first time. LEGEND. He then has kind of a quarky fun percussion section leading the next few bars. This is a song i could play over and over again and spin in circles in my chair drooling and feel completely normal wile it happened.

This next one is absolute FIRE. But when it goes BOOOOMBBBOOOCLOT. Thats the random goodness we love.

Claude VonStroke

This ones a little old. Probably from before most of your time. Way back in 2013. But still relevant today. Album boss for Dirty Birds Claude Von Stroke is no stranger to random Either. Pretty much every one of his tracks are random as fuck. Heres a few that are EXTRA random.


I love Sage Armstrong. So he gets on the show 2 weeks in a row. SO WHAT! ? >> This time its for lyrics. RANDOM A F LYRICS. Probably the best lyrics in the game. He’s a lyrical genius really.

I’m going to highlight the lyrics before the video just so you understand before going in.

Sage Armstrong – Whats yo tempetcha

You read it right. Tempetcha. Read these out loud before going in and understand

I think I love her

Silky smooth complection

but she don’t love me

and we don’t use protection

She tell i’m her drug and how she so addicted

well i’m yo docta always no how you feelin

whats yo tempetcha

let me warm yo body

silky smooth complection

lay me on that ass

whats yo tempatcha

there she go

let me warm your body



Next actually was my Anthem last year. (Yes I like strange anthems.)

Sage Armstrong & BOT – She Smokin

Surprise she smokin

She sippen on a 40

We at the after party

No tellin where we are…..

Goin (why its delayed who fucking knows.)

She looked at me and said.

Can you make me dance

And i said yes

Then make you loose it to the bass

I’m sorry

I’ve just been warming you cunts up!

Holt 88 – Shack Bass

You Know i got heat you know I got technique

Gettoblaster & Spinstyles – Dat Booty

It’s all about the second half when it whispers.

Well thats enough for 1 post. I realized I didn’t even get to the SUPER random. But thats ok. Maybe next post. What are the most RANDOM tracks you have?


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