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This artist is so ahead his parents haven’t even met yet

by | Feb 2, 2020 | Blog, Sunday Sermon | 0 comments

Partiboi69 / Stingray

It’s Sunday. Your probably tired. Ears still ringing from bass bins. But your not done. Today you’ve been called here in praise and warship for a true legend of the game. Someone I’ve been following for a couple years and watched go from 20 views on youtube to over 1million on his most popular mix. This guy has come from 2030 to tell us what the trends are. Today I introduce you to ketamine preacher, vapenation reper, marshal artist, music historian, and fashionista. Partiboi69

The first track I’ll show you is a motivational break beat fucking BANGER. This song would go off in ANY club at any setting. You could drop this at a rave, a club, a techno after hours, anywhere. You could wake up in the morning and drop this song during breakfast and it would still feel in place.

Partiboi69 – Magnificent.

This video starts off with an 80’s sex line number. He puts his face on the girls nipples. He has a new balance shoe on his chain. He’s a mustache legend. Drop this, the whole crowd is going to be screaming at there friends, you, you are the mother fuckin shit, you your magnificent.

So this is the first post, and i’ll let you know right now. I don’t think anything is going to top this guy so its all downhill from here. Next is his newest song. A very fast g-house almost footworky track.

Partiboi69 – Booty Flow

So you should understand by now. Partiboi’s video’s are an adventure. The song is to be experienced with the video. He’s an absolute genious mad man. A savant. Your taken to a video game like setting riding a horse threw the woods lead on by partiboi69 swinging a massive dildo.

Well it’s morning here. So let me introduce you to his alter-alias Stingray. This is a happy kind of early 90’s inspired hip hop track. The music video on this one is again… just magnificent. He’s on a global search for people who also wear new balance shoes

Stingray – Get stingy

But its not all hip hop, house, and partys with Stingray. He also has a softer side, an instrumentalist side. He’s able to make us laugh, dance, sing, and also with this next track….. cry….

Stingray – Unprotected Love

Thought it was done? NO theres so many sides to Partiboi69 it’s impossible to even fit into 1 post. He’s also a martial artist. Heres a mix tape he did wile he trains to hopefully one day fight next to the greats like Connor Mcgreggor.

Partiboi69 is a legend. A true artist, he’s in a category of his own. He completely stands out from the pack and I’m sure we will see big things from him. DJ’s GET ON THIS GUY BEFORE EVERYONE STARTS PLAYING HIM OUT. Partiboi69 has all the trappings to give you that 1 banger that everyone keeps asking you about after your sets. Even people who don’t normally listen to electronic music. I’ll leave you with 2 more at the bottom that it feels incomplete without. Ketamine Dreams is another great track with a hilarious video. The intro would make anyone at the party just think to themselves….yes…… Next Dip on the Dance floor. Well… he pretty much throws a giant bag of coke all over the place and its fun. Play any of these tracks out, and i’m sure the gods will smile at you…….. also for a real good time… read the comments section of his videos.

Is partiboi69 the next big thing or a cringelord? Let us know in the comments below.


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