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New Music Monday

by | Mar 10, 2020 | Blog, Invasion Mondays | 0 comments

Hey there everybody! It’s me K1lowaTT here with the Monday Invasion. Today is going to be a short one but good one. 3 killer tracks from some underground artists to help beef up your library with  more exclusive tracks. 

  1. GIN is a tallented dnb artist. I specifically like his jump up and rollers. If I was to make some drum and bass I could get on the bandwagon. Keep an eye out looks like new releases on the horizon from this fellow.
  2. Honorable mention to home town hero SPR. This cats been killing it as long as I’ve known him and it comes as no surprise he’s making waves down south. Check out this guys releases for some of the best house music to come out of British Columbia Canada
  3. AOTA….. wow. I don’t have much else but praise, this guy is something else. It’s hard to peg this guy because he is so unique. The lvl of intricacy in the automatons and poly rhythm patterns blow me away.

That’s today’s Monday Invasion report.
over and out. O>O


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