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It is April Fools my Dude

by | Apr 1, 2020 | It's Wednesday My Dudes | 0 comments

Top 5 VST I use and why O>O

0. Serum  this shit doesn’t count we all know this soft synth is the bomb nuff  said
1. Phase Plant now here’s something a little different. A serum killer! Not just a beautiful UI Phase plant comes right out the box with ton banks of killer sounds that will blow your mind. Workflow has a streamlined feel much like serum. I Highly recommend if you already like or use serum.
2. Fab Filter ProQ3 and pretty much any and all things Fab series are great. But the EQ is amazing. I used the stock Ableton EQ units prior to Pro Q, and what a difference! Unmatched lvl of transparency and options for ultimate control in any situation. The best Equalizer I have used
3. Kick 2 this plugins makes “kick”  sounds like the name suggests and it’s both supper rad and super phat! Allot of control makes this the ultimate tool for quickly sculpting one of the most important and fundamental components of a track and has a unique colour that will set you aside from run of the mill janky ass kick samples
Kilohertz Faturator is a distortion plug-in I’ve been playing with more and more. This boi reminds me of a more simple Camel Phat from the old days… but definitely cleaner and maybe a little easier to use. Which isn’t always a bad thing necessarily. This ones fun and easy and packs a 🥊 
 ShaperBox 2 is a volume shaping or LFO tool you must get your hands on. Great for side chaining and getting the most out of your mix, with features like bandwidth range! this is a game changer. The lvl of transparency and sheer pump is unmatched by any traditional compression side chaining routing techniques I have used in the past.

That’s all for now pals O>O


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