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by | Apr 8, 2020 | It's Wednesday My Dudes | 0 comments

What’s up everybody?! Let there be Wednesday! Today on artist spotlight…..

Felipe Muñoz AKA flipe AKA Tube Screamer hails all the way from Bogotá, Colombia. His career playing metal in South America forged an important electric connection with distortions and melodies. After different projects with live electronic music, Felipe joined other Canadians in 2010 for a trip through BASS and music with multi-instrumental live components. Independently, and with labels like Wolfrage Records from Holland, Caped up Records from Canada, and VAMOS! Records of Colombia, he plays with sounds of exploration with different styles of music. The multi-genre work became a staple for Felipe’s career with sets including sounds from world bass music. His live act is an immersion of bass sounds with guitars, synthesizers, elements from different instruments, a lot of different colors and diverse musical influences, using music as the message of a vibration that elevates the senses and releases information from the subconscious.
Felipe has opened directly for artists such as: Addison Groove (UK), DJ HVAD (DK), MT EDEN (NZ), Thieves like us (DE) and played at festivals such as: Motion Notion (CAD), MEME (CAD), Connect (Canada), Solstice in Saskatchewan (CAD), Revelation (CAD), Majestic Meadows (CAD), Bogotrax (Col) and Beatcrusher (Col).

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You gotta see Tube Screamer in a live situation the guy is an incredible performer and we are looking forward to having him back for shows in the near future.


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