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iT iS dUdEs mY weDNEsdAy

by | Mar 12, 2020 | Blog, It's Wednesday My Dudes | 2 comments

What’s up everybody it’s Irish my dudes! Today Is the last Wednesday before saint Patrick’s day. It time to party👌👍✌️ Today I’m going to do an artist spotlight on a cat I’ve been jamming hard for the last few months…. it’s DiploMatt!

I’ve personally been listening this bois tunes for the better part of this year and every track is just a banger after banger. From Ghouse to dark Midtempo vibes this guys gotcha covered. With a big release on the horizon I am very excited to see what the next installment from my dude is. Whatever it is I can pretty much guarantee it’s going to pound hard and be an instant favorite.

Watch for his new releases on the third installment of Ghetto Ghetto Miami! Dropping 03.13 on Ghetto Ghetto Records


  1. JJAZ

    Yo sikkk!! this guys fire!

  2. Matt Mueller

    Yoooo, thank you so much for the write up! Can’t thank you guys enough for bumping my music! <3


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