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It is Pandemic my dudes

by | Mar 18, 2020 | Blog, It's Wednesday My Dudes | 1 comment

Hello everybody!? It is paNDEMIC my dudes! O>O

Today I will be doing a spotlight on an artist that goes by the name of sOCIAL KID. When it comes to dark, industrial, droning mid-tempo Social Kid is a GOD! Of course we all felt the commercial wave of this sub-genre come from the likes of REZZ, but few others really seem to be able to hit this niche properly. Well look no further. Social Kid is a definition of what mid-tempo is now, a standard benchmark or staple for the sound design and composition of these types of tracks that will set the pace for the genre for some time to come.

Not only are the productions amazing Social Kid also delivers a beefy mix session, check out this Alchemy Sessions IV w/ I AM SID Guest Mix. It’s filled with ID’s / unreleased music O>O

The more I listen the more and more i am drawn into the bottomless dark pit this music takes you to. Very stylized and with a specific vision i think we are going to see more and more from sOCIAL KID and I for one am really excited to see what is next!

Stay hydrated everyone. don’t hoard, washe ya ass if ya must or eles you’ll be funkyyyyyy O>O

1 Comment

  1. Crashoveride

    LMAO A PANDEMIC MY DUDES! seriously some good music here


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