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by | Mar 5, 2020 | Blog, Gravatron Thursdays | 2 comments

Yo, Welcome to my very first ever blog series featuring your boy Gravage for Gravatron Thursdays with our original Bass Invaders crew. Today I’m gonna be featuring a guy that i came across last week that just absolutely baffled my mind with the minimal amount of followers and listen’s he has had on his tracks. he goes by the name of TOFA!

Check out TOFA’s track “Heroine” with another artist under the alias “Jiger”. This Bassy Halftime track features samples from the known youtube series called “The Big Lez Show”. It’s super goofy and the show is absolutely hilarious in some ways depending on how you look at it. its recommended but not recommended. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about here is a link to the episode below that features the voice samples of “Lez & “Sassy”.

TOFA is based out of Calgary, Alberta, he has 233 followers on soundcloud and i am so amazed that im just stumbling upon this dope producer. go check out his soundcloud linked above with his track “HEROINE”. TOFA also does his own artwork, and is apart of newly formed label “DoYu Digital” curated by producer “Smol”, also based out of Calgary. THANK YOU for joining me on my very first ever blog, Gravatron thursdays. see you next thursday!


  1. JJAZ

    YOOOO!! This guy is fucking madness! so wonky and trippy.

  2. K1lowaTT

    Sick find bruh this shit slaps! O>O



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