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EQ ing your Wednesday for n00bs

by | Apr 23, 2020 | Blog, It's Wednesday My Dudes | 2 comments

  1. Think of a mix like an upside down pyramid….at the bottom point you have your Bass which is center and for the most part should be mono. the higher the range of feq the more width and volume of freq you can fit.

2) Roll off your bass. if its not a kick, snare, or sub i typically roll my sound off between 120-200Hz depending on the sound all those low end freq are going to clash with your sub snare and kick and will lead cancellation or a muddy mix

3) Tame peaks..While use a spectral analyzer some sounds you will visibly see a notable larger peak in an area….these peaks are whats going to fuck up your master….Information you can remove from the signal without effecting it in a negative way is going to help you…use bypass

4) Don’t just slam more high end..the best way to get more loudness is to analyze a reference and see where the frequencies are present in the reference track but maybe lacking in your might take a bit of effort to find the main sound that resides in the band range that is lacking from the reference….But this is the range you need to boost…Not 10k+ arbitrarily.

5) Transparency if you are going for an effect or sound designing that’s one thing but if you find yourself having to EQ the hell out of a sound maybe it wasn’t the best selection in the first place? Try and use quality sounds that are already in the frequency ranges they should b in (corresponding to not /scale)

It all seems like allot or tedious but the more you practice the easier it gets and will lead to an easier time with mix-down and in turn a better master


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