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by | Mar 21, 2020 | Blog, Cyber Saturdays | 3 comments

Tyler Gaines (26yr) and Ryan Hampe (25yr) A.K.A STEEZ  The incredible dubstep duo has been making tunes together since 2016 and over 2 years of prior knowledge beforehand. I got in touch with the group to ask what makes them tick, what inspires them. Here is what they had to say!

 “A lot of our inspiration comes from past and daily life really, whether that’s an old rap track we remember, something we’re reminded of, what mood we’re in, anything really. Music has always been a good way for us to cope with whatever is going on, good or bad. Now we’re learning to translate that ourselves through our own music, so I guess being able to create in itself is the biggest inspiration for me. Ryan grew up listening to a ton of dubstep and always loved to hear when producers incorporated hip hop into it. Being big old-school hip-hop junkies, we really wanted to create our own version of that.”

“Our main goal with this project is to represent where we came from, A lot of the sounds we use are inspired by things we grew up listening to.  We really wanted to bring a different feeling of nostalgia to the community and for the people that remember growing up on the same type of stuff. As well as pushing boundaries with bass music. We wanted to create something the Community has never heard of before and aim to carve our own lane with our own style of bass music. continuing to innovate this sound and make it our own.”

These two have smashed the playing field with releases on Circus, and an entire Ep on Play Me Records. Wich, they are both very proud of!

Ryan (26yr) – “I’m so thankful for everything I’ve accomplished personally as well with Tyler on the STEEZ project. From graduating college to playing shows across the country, landing songs with Circus Records, Play Me,, getting support from by some of our favourite artists while playing a few festivals. It’s crazy to see how far we’ve grown and I’m excited to see how far we go.”

“Our message to other Artists would be, To not be afraid to do something completely different or out of your comfort zone! A lot of times as artists feel like they think too much about what people want to hear or what’s popular at the time. However, stepping outside of that is the only way to truly keep pushing this music forward and bringing that next sound! Let the music speak for itself. Never stop working on perfecting your craft and don’t try to only make what’s popular. Get creative and break the rules, you could be paving the way for future genres. Most importantly, never stop learning. We constantly put aside days for learning, watching tutorials, sound designing. There is always room for improvement.”

I have Recently stumbled upon STEEZ and can Vouch their music is out of this world! Listening to their mixes has brought joy to my dubstep nostalgia. These two set a trend and a bar for the entire industry that is hard to match but well worth it if you put in the time and effort.


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  1. Frankeee

    Their music is so dope wow why haven’t i heard of them before!

  2. ryan turner

    Really Dope Tunes here !!

  3. Sarah Spicer

    Great write up Awesome to see these guys getting the spotlight they deserve


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