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7 Tracks that get you excited for spring!

by | Mar 1, 2020 | Blog, Sunday Sermon | 0 comments

We had our first warm sunny Saturday here last week in Calgary, and it looks like a second is coming. SPRING IS ALMOST HERE. The days are getting longer. The nights are getting shorter. Patio Parties, Beach Parties, Walking around from after hours to after hours without the air trying to kill you. WE ARE ALMOST THERE!! Today I have some tracks from last spring, and some newer tracks that get us excited for the spring vibe!

Sage Armstrong – SFBF

This first track was on playlist for me all year. A swanky bassy breaks – footwork style track. The bass drives the track forward. With the most RANDOM and crazy glass melody I’ve heard in a wile. This track has so many applications I can’t begin. It’s a great set into. Great for mashups. All in all a sickkk track. Since its at house speeds Its a great switch of pace for house dj’s. When people hear you blaring this shit out your iwndows down the streat. They’re gonna know your a fucking legend. AND THESE LYRICS!!! BOOTY FAT SHORTY FINE!

Short fat Booty FINEEEEEEE!!!

Sage Armstrong – Drippin Wet

Sage armestrong was pretty much my artist of the year for 2019, and i’m REALLY excited to see what he does this year. His low quality recorded, and simple minded lyrics let you know HE DOESNT GIVE A FUCK! And thats how I like it. Easy to comprehend on the dancefloor, serious anthems, and not taken to seriously. Drippin wet is a perfect example. The beet is made almost comically, as electro sounds start to get recycled and introduced into the house scene and soundcloud rappers are dominating. It’s not forcing you to dance, but its inviting you to bob. Everyone on the floor can understand this track is dope as fuck. Neon Lights and Chiptune sounds over bass/ electro house. RUNN IT!

Wu-Tang Clan – Gravel Pit (VDH Tech House Edit)

This song is the typical song I hear when I think of spring! Old school hip hop vibes, with Old school house vibes. This track has a driving bass line and hot lyrics to sing along to the whole way. VDH’s Remix is the perfect sunny day patio party track. I could eat a burger to this, or get loose on the floor.

Back and Forth

Franklyn Watts – Gucci Panties (Original Mix) Ft CAT

Dirty Bird fucking tore the playa apart last year. This and the next track both Spring tracks really blend the patio vibe with the dark techno after hours vibe perfectly. As it gets warmer we party later and want versatile tracks that work at night or in the day. Franklyn Watts fucking puts both of those vibes together brilliantly with this track. The abrasive and almost random synth line wakes you up and gets you excited, the vocal is just dirty enough, but also high class. and the beet drives on repetitively. GREAT SONG FOR THE PATIO OR FOR THE AFTERHOURS.

Will Clarke – Like a Girl (Original Mix)

This track is just hype as fuck. The Lead is so wrong but so right. It’s loud, in your face, and sounds hard, but with sounds that arnt considered hard. It sounds like some sort of crazy evil playground. I’m surprised it was out before joker because its definitely the song playing inside a serial killer transgender clowns head.. I Absolute banger this one. This is definitely a prime time track and once again, great for the patio, or for the rave. Fucking MADDDDD track.

Yell Of Bee – You Don’t Know

This track is really fun. Yell of Bee has been throwing down multiple tracks every month and this one REALLY stands out. The bassline is funky and the track sounds like its going to build into a sort of funk house song in the first half. Then the random Tech house leads start coming out and driving you forward into build up land. The second drop then hits MASSIVE. Its Funk in the bottom and Driving Techno on the top. Absolute madd this track is. This kind of style is exactly what spring is about. BEACH AND AFTER HOURS! REALLY excited to see what Yell of Bee brings to the summer because he’s really starting to build a unique sound.

Load In – Soul (Complete)

Now although spring is coming. ITS STILL WINTER. This next track reminds you of that. It’s still cold out. It’s still dark early, and no need to get to crazy. This track by Load In kind of blends Lenzmen style vocal processing and sounds, but in a more broken up and dramatic presentation. A desperate female vocal guides you threw the track, and the broken up kick pattern moves you around in a very dramatic way balanced by bell making you feel as if your getting pushed around by time and its running out. This leads you into a small breakdown where it builds up and the kick and snare become more stable and add more stability and almost hope. It makes me reminisce of late Toronto nights at Coda followed by whatever after hours I stumble into. Dark rooms, smoke machines, Tiki huts for some reason. Then it drops into a slightly more light harted section almost as if the vocalist is coming to terms with the situation at hand, before ending nicely. Really nice track lets see what Load In comes up with as he develops his sound.

Well thats it for this sunday sermon. Comment below and let us know what you think the sound of spring 2020 will be!


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